The 2018 Canadian Hermeneutic Institute will be held in Calgary, Alberta at Hotel Alma (University of Calgary) on June 6, 7, and 8, 2018.

Our invited scholar is: Dr. Theodore George

Ted George is the Department Head and Associate Professor of Philosophy, Texas A&M University, College Station. His areas of specialization include: hermeneutics, Hegel, German Idealism and Romanticism, ethical philosophy, and philosophy of arts and aesthetics. He is past president of the North American Society for Philosophical Hermeneutics. Dr. George is an accomplished speaker, writer, and teacher and we look forward to the wonderful contribution he will make to CHI in 2018. 

With Leib und Seele
we gathered in the morning.
A clearing opened for discourse,
for attention,
for conversation.
Heidegger, Gadamer, Nancy.
In the nooks and crannies we found each other
quickened by thought and concern for the struggle
price and worth
on the battlefield of the body, the delivery room, the classroom.

With Leib und Seele
we gathered in the afternoon.
While Graham’s poetic readings continue to resonate,
voices converge as we are claimed by their presence.
The humanism of Levinas and Said.
An unseen digital story read aloud.
Pain, Nihilism, and a Bull Moose.
Children at play.

With Leib und Seele
we gathered in the evening.
Nancy Moules.
With generosity and friendship unmatched
we found ourselves in serious discussion,
in laughter,
and no shortage of prosecco.

With Leib und Seele
we met each other in genuine care
for the world,
for beings,
for patients and students.
From EMT’s to Ph.D’s.
Nursing, Philosophy, Education.
Jim. F. Field.

The conversation that we are
continues to echo and unfold
into a horizon too rich and expansive to grasp in its entirety.
In every moment we attend to this conversation
with sincerity,
with care,
with tact,
and always,
with Leib und Seele.

Alexander Crist, Texas A&M, Philosophy Dept.